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When this topic came to my mind as I was doing my devotion today, I couldn’t help but think of North Korea and its citizens. When nations are reporting coronavirus cases, nothing has been heard from North Korea. When you have a dictator as a leader, it is a MUST that you adhere to all the dictator wants to avoid being killed. I guess that there are probably so many coronavirus cases in North Korea, but because of the dictator, things are kept under wraps. I can imagine that the dictator has his own set of “Ten Commandments” for his people to follow, and failure to comply with any of these commandments would result in the killing of people. 

Rules are put in place to help us out. Even the rules of the land were put in place to give us a good direction. This is the same thing with God. He does not give us rules and commands to ruin us or control us, but His rules (commandments) were set to prosper us and allow us to live a better life. You shouldn’t mistake God’s commandments, boundaries and covering as limitations in your life, but receive them as His love for blessing and prospering you. If you love God, then doing anything contrary to His commands should bother you. But you shouldn’t speak of that “love” if breaking His commandments is what you enjoy doing daily. Love requires sacrifice, and sacrifice requires discipline.

Where there is no discipline, there is no love. If we wish to remain in His love, we MUST follow His commandments. If we want to love Him, we must spend quiet time with Him and prove ourselves by leaving our desire for sin behind. Holiness is what God created us for, and if we are not striving for holiness daily, we become unfaithful, selfish, disobedient, and self-centered souls. Let us strive for holiness and pray for God’s grace to descend upon us so that we may have the wisdom and discipline to become Saints so that we may live with our Heavenly Father. 

Folks, as I read my daily devotion today, I stumbled upon a verse in Genesis 7 that although I have read many times before- encouraged me- and I hope it encourages you too. Verse 5 of Genesis 7 says, “So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him.” (NLT) When I read this today, I began to pray for myself and everyone that will read this post today. I prayed that when the Lord opens the book of life, it should be recorded that we did ALL that God commanded us. This verse shows us a man that did everything God asked of him without complaining or grumbling.

What is God’s command(s) for your life? How true are you to the commands of His Word? I pray we all reflect on these two questions today and every day of our lives, and strive to be confident in our answers with the assurance of Christ. I pray for strength, joy, and peace in being faithful to the commands of God because following the Lord’s commands for our life separates us from the world. It will bring persecution, it will be a challenge, but it will also bring perfect peace and unending joy, and if you haven’t experienced any of those yet, I pray that you do. When we follow God’s commands, He is pleased. For all He’s done for me, there is not enough I can do in my life to please Him than to obey His commands. I hope you can say the same, too. We cannot rely on God’s promises without obeying His commandments.

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