Recently, a long lost friend called because she needed to talk about some things that were bothering her. As she poured out her financial woes, I remembered a conversation we had some time ago when she had done the same thing. At one point in our phone call, she said, “God just feels so distant, and I don’t know why.”

Immediately, I figured what the problem was. She was drunk on the cares of the world! Little by little, one financial trouble after another had crept into her mind until her worries about finances totally consumed her. She no longer had room in her thoughts for the truths of the Word of God concerning her situation, and it made her feel like God was far away.

That’s the process the enemy uses to steal the Word out of our hearts. He brings one little care to mind and gets us to focus on it for a while, then he adds another, and another, until our mind becomes full of worry and concern. In fact, Luke 8:14 tells us that three things will literally choke the Word of God right out of us: worry, riches, and pleasure. All three can consume us to the point that we no longer have room in our minds for the Word.

You know what I’m talking about, folks. We all have experienced this from time to time. Your mind is racing, your heart is beating fast, your body is tense, and you feel frantic like someone is literally choking the life out of you. And it feels like God isn’t even noticing, let alone speaking to you. That’s what it is to be drunk on the cares of this world.

I’ll admit that sometimes I’m usually not the best person to advise my friends when they are going through phases, as I usually make a joke out of their situation. Still, if you are in that place, I’ll tell you what I told my friend: Take some concentrated time to focus solely on God. Put your face into the Word of God, listen to some worship music (Hillsong songs would do the trick 😉) that glorifies Him, and do everything you know to do to put Him back on the throne of your mind. It’s not like my friend didn’t know what to do, but because she chose to magnify her issue, she didn’t realize that God could come through for her if she called to Him.

Anxiety and worry exalt any situation or circumstance, which only leads to stress over something you were never supposed to stress about. Worship, on the other hand, exalts God. God can’t worship Himself, so He created us to worship Him. As we worship Him, He takes care of all our worries and stresses. God doesn’t take pleasure in you worrying and stressing. He just wants us to worship Him while He handles everything. You can only trust Him to handle your business if you know who you are. Know who you are in Christ and know whose you are. You are the head and not the tail; you are more than a conqueror. You are the son and daughter of the Most High King. The power that raised Christ from the dead is seated in you. Once you know and truly believe this, trusting God becomes so much easier.

God cares for you! As a Father, He is always interested in what you are doing, so if you even mess things up, know that you have a Father who always cares for you and is concerned about you. The children of a king do not worry about where the next meal will come from, because they know who they are and who their father is. How much more for us who have a loving and caring Heavenly Father.

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