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Hey, faithful readers! Bonjour! Buenos Dias! I should really learn how to say good morning in different languages. Not to worry, I plan on learning some other languages before the world ends. Fingers-crossed. I actually read some time ago that learning a new language becomes difficult as one gets older, as most people start experiencing an age-related decline, especially in the area of memory retention and attention. I’m not getting any younger, so keep your boy in prayer!

So, back to the main reason for this post. I’ve been asked recently why I stopped wearing bow ties. I’ve been asked if turtlenecks are the new bow ties for me, lol. An older friend of mine actually stopped me after church service one Sunday to sit me down to talk about my well-being, just because he thought I haven’t “been myself lately.”

Can I ever imagine myself not wearing bow ties anymore? Ah, there’s a better chance of Liverpool going the whole season undefeated than me ending my love for bow ties (oops, sorry NOT sorry, Liverpool fans🤣). Okay, guys, I just thought I’d try a new look for this season, hence the reason I wear turtlenecks. Once summer comes back in full, I shall resume wearing my bows. I actually do miss wearing them, lol, but turtlenecks are just perfect for this season. Oh, and a few people told me a while back that bow ties were out of fashion, that I should revert back to wearing regular neckties. Ladies and gents, that was the devil talking, and I had to put him in his place! 🙅🏽‍♂️ Just as God talks to us in different ways, the devil comes to us in different ways as well. He can come in the form of a buddy, or a trusted confidant. We must be able to discern the voice of truth (God) and that of the devil. I hope y’all have a fantastic rest of the week.

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