I love when God shows us countless times how He provides for His children and gives us examples of others that have felt the same way we have, but yet He included the testimony in there to encourage us through our journey with Him.

Have you ever felt so afraid to do anything or say anything because you were fearful of what others might think, say, or do? Fear of man and what others think can keep us in a space too afraid to move, too afraid to progress, too scared to develop or step out, and we stay stuck in that fear unable to move or grow.

I read this short passage in Ezra 3, where the children of Israel were obeying what they had been instructed to do! After having been held captive by King Nebuchadnezzar and then released, they knew they needed to rebuild the Temple of God, but they were no stranger to the mocking and scoffing around them to dissuade them from doing all that God called them to do. I love the fact that even though they were afraid of what their non-Israelite neighbors might do to them if they rebuilt the Temple of God, they went ahead and did it ANYWAY. Talk about CONFIDENCE! This moment, they cared more about all that God had instructed them to do, and the passage, then goes on to describe how the Temple foundations were built, and there was joy in their midst when the Temple was completed.

What about you? What do you, even though you’re afraid of what others might think, need to go ahead and do it ANYWAY? Do you worry about what others think of you? If you do, think about ‘why’ you care so much- by questioning the ‘why’ around your thoughts, you may be able to see that your focus on other’s perceptions is a symptom of something belonging to you. This can be the start of a change in your thinking. You should keep in mind that you cannot please everyone. You should know that people don’t normally care- try to keep things in perspective, other people have their minds full with their own stuff, and possibly little time to be thinking of you.

Fear is a horrible feeling to be stuck in, especially when you look around, and you see others around you that have progressed, and you’re in the same place because of fear. There are numerous instances where God says we should not be afraid for He is with us. To that person with that ultimate plan, fearing what others might think, I encourage you to go ahead and do it ANYWAY! No man can take away the vision and promise God has given you and will likely not understand the things you’re doing because they don’t know the vision God has given you! Don’t let that deter you because God is doing a work in you that only He can do. God does not look at our abilities like men do; He looks at our hearts.

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