When God called and revealed Himself to us as “Jehovah Jireh” in Genesis, it meant a lot of things. Many times, we think or have thought it is limited to finances, the ability to pay bills, buy houses, and other things relating to recurring provisions. While this is true that that name of His to us covers all these, it’s not all He wants for us. When He said to us He will provide, it means He will provide EVERYTHING we need- jobs, marriage, children, health, and several other things that we do not think we should link to that name of God.

God is a detailed God. He pays attention to every detail. If He can clothe the grass of the field which is present today and tomorrow is plucked up and cast into the fire (Matthew 6:30), don’t you think this same God will provide for you who is an image-bearer? Don’t you think He pays attention to every detail of your life? Don’t you think He knows you by name in all the billions of people on the face of the earth? Don’t you think that if He provided you His very breath and life you have now, He can multiply it and cause you to conceive, carry through, and have healthy children?
Jehovah Jireh —
the Lord sees, and He provides.

He provides strength.
He provides wisdom.
He provides peace.
He provides patience.
He provides perfect healing.
He provides financial breakthrough.
He provides joy.
He provides love.
He provides it all,
for, in Him, we lack nothing. 

Believe that He can provide whatever you need right now.
The Lord sees your struggles; He sees your needs far better than anyone else ever could. Rest in the fact that He is the Lord, our provider. Press on, with full faith that He will provide. Yes, He will. Use the Jehovah Jireh aspect of His name, in that situation of fruitfulness and fertility today. Enough of limiting it to temporal things. He provided me with more than I prayed for, so I know He will do the same for you too! 

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