So many of us pray for God to guide us, we say, “God I’m ready to follow you, I’m ready to take up my cross, I’m ready to do your will…” But that’s the end of it. I’m so tired of hearing this from people. And I don’t mean that rudely or condescendingly, and here’s why- we ask these things, yet we constantly remain in the same spot! I’m guilty of this as well.

Often some of us are afraid to walk, and some of us genuinely mean to but don’t want to let go of old habits that aren’t healthy for us. We say, “okay, God, let’s do this…” But we won’t move.

God has everything ready for you! He has his perfect plan ready to be unleashed, but you have to MOVE. He’s such a gentleman. He’s not going to force you into it, and he’s not going to try to trick you into anything. He wants you to have a “willing heart.” It takes a lot of courage and heart to move. But trust me when I say he has got you covered! But you have to open your heart and get moving!

Whether it be fear hindering you today, or old habits, God has got this crazy adventure for you, but you have to be willing to go. The bible tells us, draw near to Jesus, and he will draw near to you. A relationship requires effort from two people. Jesus can’t do everything for you, he will work through you, but you have to do the work.

In the Book of Matthew, Peter had to GET OUT of the boat; he had to choose in his heart that he was committed to seeing where Jesus could take him (upon the waters) And once he did, he did the unthinkable. He conquered his fear; he got over himself and said, “Okay, It’s now or never.”

Some of you have to step out of your boats. God wants to lead you, but he can’t lead if you’re still chilling in your boat. The boat has nothing for you, but JESUS has everything. What’s holding you back from making a decision that could better your life? If you’re always waiting for “the right time”, you’ll be waiting forever. There’s never really a right time because things happen that we can’t see coming. I encourage you to take the first step in that right direction. 

My prayer today is that we put our old ways behind us and genuinely move our feet to let God guide us. He’s got our path prepared, but you have to do the getting there first.

Suit_ Alexandre London
Shirt_Calvin Klein
Bowtie was made by me @bowtie_joe7
Shoes were handmade by @dayoshoes


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