It’s the end of the year- the end of a decade. A perfect time for self-reflection and embracing what we have learned, from both what was successful and from our mistakes. Reflection offers us the opportunity to clarify our values and our priorities.

When we look back on the last 365 days as well as the decade we are leaving, we can begin to connect the dots. We see why certain events had to unfold for us to be where we are. Why some people had to exit our lives for others to enter. For things not working out just for better opportunities to come our way. It all happens in divine timing and all for our highest good.

When we reflect on all of the highlights of the year, we have to be appreciative of our struggles, too. There is no darkness without light, no joy without pain. It’s the yin-yang, the balance we need to truly exist. We are told to wish for a neutral existence without the polarities. But where is the joy in that? I’d relive every dark moment again just to experience a glimpse of the bliss. A bliss that is so pure and beautiful, words cannot describe it. We cannot wish away the darkness to always live in the light- that doesn’t exist. We have to surrender to the ebb and flow of our emotions, accept change, and be comfortable with the impermanence of everything. It is only then that we can truly experience freedom. ⁣

The end of 2019 has brought me true contentment. Contentment with where I am in my life, even though things are not as rosy as it seems. I am content with where I am living, with the work I am doing and with the person I am becoming. I am ready to press pause and enjoy the present moment rather than living for what is coming next. I have always been striving for what the future holds, something better that may be around the corner. Seeking happiness in what is to come. 2019 has encouraged me to be grateful for where I am and focus on taking each day and living it to its fullest. ⁣

This year my empathetic nature has been amplified. I have tuned into my intuitive gifts, and therefore I’m sensitive now, more than ever, to energy and emotion. I have learned to protect my sacred space, learned to see my vulnerability as a strength, and continue to share my story in order to help others. ⁣

Growth is necessary for us to evolve. To reach our full potential and return home to the person, we were always destined to be. Now that 2019 is almost over, I’m ready to welcome in a new decade. Are you excited as well?

Blazer_ Banana Republic
Turtleneck_ Gap
Pants_ Brooks Brothers
Shoes were handmade by @dayoshoes


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