“So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up” Romans 14:19 (NLT)

It is my joy seeing God’s church around the world in action. By this, I mean that since we are united in Christ, and no matter where we come to worship God- be it a mega Church or a small family Church- we all sing to God, we pray, we fellowship, and praise the One true King. Yet, after Sunday morning, we can forget that the church is not just a building. The church is a gathering of people who have a love for God and each other.

Many of us wish for peace, and throughout the world, we can hear people talk about it, but some of us struggle to humble ourselves, or put others first, or to love each other, as directed, for peace to occur. Reading this Scripture today, from the book of Romans, reminded me that we could not edify or build each other up while we try to prove a point, or bicker over something, that in hindsight, seems ridiculous

Friends, this verse doesn’t say we must, or we have to bring harmony because God knows the areas in life where we can struggle the most. This is why Paul writes that we must “aim” and “try” to bring harmony and build each other up. Lately, I have found myself asking the question, why the church struggles to bring harmony and build ourselves up, and it dawned on me after conversing with a brother, that the church still hasn’t found it’s true identity.

When we realize who we are in Christ, the overflow of this is love, peace, kindness, self-control, etc. In other words, when our identity has been internalized as a Son or Daughter of the Living God, our soul’s realize that there is nothing to strive for, to argue against, to expect something, or demand our rights be heard…we are then free to love and laugh as we were created to do.

Identity brings peace, Identity brings harmony, Identity brings a relationship with not only God Himself, as your loving Father, but each other as well, in that we are not alone. Our identity is found in Christ. We have been bought by the precious blood of Christ. We have been adopted. We are children of God. We are a coheir with Christ. We have been set free from the bondage of sin. Today, I encourage you to spend time with God and ask Him to reveal the lie that we believe, so that we can start to walk in true freedom, and live in harmony together.

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