I love God with all my heart, even though sometimes it may not seem like it. There has not been, nor will there ever be, anything or anyone who can alter this – why? Because it’s just too late to try to change my mind about God. God has given me so much to live for, as in, my health, my wellbeing, and so much more, but most of all, God gave me Holy Spirit, and He is something that I cherish daily.

Holy Spirit has been walking with me, every day, for quite some time now – even at times when I didn’t want Him near me, He loved me at my darkest and grumpiest times, He has guided me, shaped me, and created in me a faith that burns within.

Folks, when we open our hearts to God, life will never be the same. When we receive the Holy Spirit, He becomes the voice to which we live by. Holy Spirit was sent to help us build our relationship with God, but to also help build our relationship with others. This after-all was Jesus’ two greatest commands. When I think about the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) – it should never have been told like this, but Jesus knew what we needed to hear.

The world looks in at Christianity, and at best sees good people, but at worst, sees a cult, because for some we have become like the Priest, or Levite – minding our own business, or we’re just too busy saving the world to help the person in front of us. Our attitudes can stink towards the wounded people in this world, and I’m not talking about just physical wounds, but emotional, and spiritual ones too. Just like the Good Samaritan story, who are we: The law expert who treated the wounded man as a topic for discussion? The robbers who saw him as an object to exploit? The priest who saw the man as a problem to avoid? Or maybe, the Levite, as an object of curiosity?

Jesus says we are to be like the Samaritan and treat the wounded in love. Therefore, let’s show someone today that they are seen in this world, and that everyone matters to God. Let’s pray for opportunities to be God’s light, just like someone did, at some point, in our lives. Faith is taking a step out into the unknown, becoming vulnerable, and trusting God wherever He takes us in our lifetime.

So, my question to you today is: When was the last time you took a step of faith? 

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