Anger is not a bad thing; It is only an emotion. Neither is it a bad or negative emotion. When used correctly, anger can actually be helpful. So, anger is actually a good thing. Problems occur when we don’t appropriately resolve what makes us angry. We have to deal with the root cause effectively.

To me, anger is like an indicator light on the dashboard of a car – often called “idiot lights.” In my case, it is an accurate term. Very accurate. When these lights come on, it means there is a problem. These lights generally don’t give specific information, but indicate that a problem is occurring, that something is wrong. A prudent driver will stop to assess the situation and either fix it or take it to a mechanic. Continuing driving the vehicle without fixing the malfunction can lead to problems, including severe damage to the car. It could even lead to an accident, which could injure or even kill someone.

Anger is exactly the same way. It tells us that we have a problem. When I get angry, my emotions are telling me, “Hey, Idiot, we’ve got a situation here. You need to fix something.” The best thing to do is to stop and make an assessment. And then, fix it. Get help if needed. But, take care of the problem before continuing on. Instead, we often drive on through our anger. We keep going and going, and we push it too far until something blows. We have all done it. If we are not careful, we can cause severe damage to our relationships.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting angry is not the problem. It’s what we do with that anger that makes all the difference. Be angry when necessary, but don’t sin. Take care of the problem. Use your anger wisely. Don’t let it use you.

Blazer_ Zara
Shirt_ Calvin Klein
Bow Tie was made by me @bowtie_joe7
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