The best stories aren’t the ones where nothing hard ever happens, where there is nothing to overcome, nothing to risk it all over. There is no adventure or journey in the ones where the main character lives the predictable, safe, albeit boring life, never changing.

The stories that move us are the ones where they move into the battle with the odds stacked against them, leap into a dream or for a great love. The stories where the main characters start weak, unsure, broken, and small to become brave, over-comers who take life by storm.

This is the story Jesus calls us to as well- an incredible adventure where nothing is certain, but that you won’t end up the same. If we accept the invitation to follow Him into the faith journey, as He has called us to, our lives of comfort and predictability will be wrecked and replaced by something even better- real living.

Leaving your home not knowing where you’re going, speaking to Pharaoh demanding freedom, facing a giant with a stone, marching around walls and shouting, believing you’ll be a father when you’re way too old or believing you’ll be the mother to the Savior of the world. I bet none of these characters saw all that coming.

As much as those people had to step up to the task in the middle of their impossible looking situations, I’m sure none of them regretted their decision to jump. The life of faith is marked by moving before knowing, obeying before guarantees, throwing yourself onto the words and power of God, over and over again.

You can play it safe, try and keep your plans in the boxes that feel less risky, but you will never be a witness to the miracles God would do in and through a life that is willing to say, “I’m all in, no matter what!”

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