Not only does Jesus make a path for us when there seems to be no clarity, not only does He guide and direct us when we can’t see and feel lost and alone, not only is He a way maker, He is the way.

We cry out to Him, “which way, Lord?,” and His response is, “me.” He tells us, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” We know it so well and quote it so often that it can easily lose its meaning.

We’re always desperately seeking the right ways, we’re so hungry for the truth and for the only thing that can really free us, we are all longing for the fullness of life, we search, we strive, we worry and we cry, “where, what, who and how Lord?” And He says, “me.”

Just as when God sent Moses to free the Israelites, and Moses wanted to know whom He should tell them sent Him. The answer, “I am.”

What is the solution to my burdens and pains? I am. What is it that can set me free from my self-hatred and condemnation? I am. Who is the one who will love me and accept me in the middle of my darkness and brokenness? I am.

Jesus is the way we’re looking for. He’s the light in the darkness; He’s the hope in the burden, He’s the love in the loneliness, He’s the peace in the storm. He’s the provider, the guide, the author and finisher of our faith.

When the way is yet to be seen, maybe God is asking us to learn that it’s not the answers we need, but Him, and He is more than enough! Trust and believe that! 

Suit_ Jos A. Bank
Shirt_ Calvin Klein
Bow Tie_ Ted Baker
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