How many times I’ve wished the Lord would just email me a play by play of what He created me for and what I should do next, etc. Imagine if He had told Joseph how he planned to save his family through him. “Well, first your brothers are going to sell you as a slave and you’ll be taken to Egypt, then things will start looking better and you will get a great job, but then you’ll get falsely accused and go to prison. In prison, I’ll give you dreams and you’ll help some people, but they’ll forget you and you’ll stay there longer than you ever thought. Eventually, that dream thing will get you out in front of Pharaoh and you’ll interpret a dream about famine and you’ll also know how to prepare for the famine and eventually because of that preparation you will be able to give your family food.

Are you excited? If God downloaded all that to him all at once, I could imagine his huge eyes blinking like a cartoon. Like what? Because perhaps, it was what he learned in Potiphar’s house that helped him have the leadership qualities he would need in Pharoah’s palace? Maybe it was the stillness of the prison where God enabled him to refine His dream interpretation? All of these inconveniences and struggles and pains were all building blocks to get him there to make him into that man who would one day save his people. We have no idea what this current season is preparing us for. Let’s trust Him, and that where we are is exactly where He needs us to be.

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