When I have more money, I’ll be happier. 
When I have a partner, everything will be sorted.
When I have my dream job, life will be good.
When I’ve lost weight, I’ll feel better about myself.
What happens when you’ve got the money, the partner, the job, the ideal weight?
It turns into:
When I have millions of dollars, I’ll be truly happy.
When my partner and I get married and have kids, I’ll be happier.
When I get an even better job, life will be good.
When I’ve lost a few more pounds and tone up, I really will feel better about myself.
We could do this all day – the goal for money just gets bigger, the need for material things gets stronger, the desire for a bigger family or a bigger holiday or the desire to be more enlightened or more knowledgeable or more successful or more XYZ…
It’s exhausting.
When we place our happiness and satisfaction on outside goals we will never be fully satisfied. There will always be some ways we can improve.
Happiness is something you can feel right now. Just by remembering you’re whole exactly as you are, exactly where you are right now, at whatever stage in life, whatever circumstances you find yourself in right now. You are all good.
Take a deep breath and appreciate everything right now. If you don’t feel you’ve got much to appreciate, you can start with the fact that you’re breathing right now. You’re alive.
Side note: having goals and dreams are awesome, but dig deeper to understand why you have the dreams you have. (Is it for freedom, or to help others, or is it because you want to have more money than someone else.) Always come back to being in the present moment and finding appreciation for your present life.

Blazer_ Christian Dior
Shirt_ Calvin Klein
Bow Tie was made by me @bowtie_joe7
Pants_ Brooks Brothers
Shoe handmade by @dayoshoes


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