What do you do when your trust has been violated? In the past, I’ve indurated myself, wrapped myself in a space of resentment and bitterness. I mean, that’s a natural reaction, but what I am learning in my almost 26th year on earth is that this is the time to stay vulnerable. You’re never wrong to trust another human being. It is not your fault that another person’s abused that trust.

Your reactions in crisis can really determine the shape you’ll take in the future – like setting a bone after you break it. It’s worth being careful during healing to preserve your wholeness, rather than letting the bone heal in a harmful or painful shape.
Anger has its place, but it can wreck you. Let go of the things that consume you: anger, jealousy, and resentment. Don’t do it for the other parties involved; do it for yourself.

It’s not worth holding on to. Words said, actions done – let them go! Whatever it is, God saw it all and when you realize that it isn’t up to you to make someone see how much they hurt you, or punish them for what they did to you, you can truly release what’s been done and then go to God and ask Him for His guidance and help on what you should do. Maybe it’s simply to forgive them, because they just had a hard day, and it was more about them, than it is about you. Maybe He tells you it’s time to remove them from your life because the relationship isn’t a healthy one or a godly one, and He doesn’t want them to continually keep hurting you. Whatever it is, whatever was said or done, it doesn’t define you, and so there is no use holding onto. Holding on to it, thinking that you NEED to. You don’t. It’s done. It’s over. So, now it’s your turn, to do what you need to do to quit letting things affect you as they have, and it’s you who need to realize that there’s so much more going on behind what’s been said or done.

We all make mistakes. We all have bad days. And sometimes, that’s all it was. A bad day for someone that escalated and got much worse, and they truly just need forgiveness and grace. Or sometimes, it was a nudge from God to wake up, realize you need to make some decisions about this person, bury the hatch, and get out of the same thoughts and the situation you’ve been continually sitting in every day.

Either way, it’s time to let it go, folks. We don’t have the time to be holding onto words and things done to us that are only taking up space in our hearts.  And the freedom that comes from forgiving people, moving on, and releasing what’s been done, is truly how we see more of God, and more of His unending grace, which is what we all don’t deserve but still receive, every-single-day. Holding on to it isn’t helping one bit. It’s time to deal with it, move on from it, and then, let go of it.

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