No matter how much you believe in someone, no matter how great someone is, they will eventually let you down in some areas. They’re human. They’re broken. And just like you and me, they are not at all, perfect.

But, if our hope was never in them, to begin with, If we were never relying on them to make us feel loved, valued, and accepted in the first place, then, when they do let us down, it won’t really shake us at all. Because we will know the truth, that what they do or say doesn’t change who we are. It just reinstates the fact that they have their own issues, their own struggles, and sometimes, intentionally or not, they will do things that disappoint us, and whatever the reason as to why they did what they did, we will eventually know, that it is more about what they are going through in their own life and heart, than it is about us. And we will truly be able to step back and see why they may be hurt, instead of being the one that ends up hurting.

Our hope has to be in Jesus – for EVERYTHING. Not people. Because when you are doing everything you can on your end, you can know, that whatever happens each day, is truly in God’s hands. Someone can let you down, say something hurtful, break up with you, you can lose your job, get in an accident, or anything at all, and it won’t rock your boat for a second, because you will know that it’s not about you, but what God wants to do in each situation, through you. He sees the situation. He knows the truth. He’s allowed it. He has a purpose in it. And He WILL use it ALL for our good (Romans 8:28).

And, when some people see that what they do doesn’t have power over you, or control you, or upset you like it used to, or how they think it should, something incredible happens, and not just in their heart, but yours, too. They will see a change in you that cannot be explained. They will see a trust in God that they, too, will want to obtain. And they will see Jesus in you each day, and folks, through you, God will be able to continue to work in their heart, too.

Coat_ Zara
Vest_ French Connection
Shirt_ Isaac Mizrahi
Bow Tie_ Jos A. Bank
Pants_ Banana Republic
Shoes_ Aldo




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