Faithful readers, there is a sea of men and women out there that may look like husband and wife material at a glance, and many may even capture your eyes for a moment. But, the minute we realize that they don’t have a heart for Jesus, or worse yet, do know Him and yet their life doesn’t really reflect it, is the moment we need to walk away, get on with it, and know that the partner God has for us will be living a life for HIM, and have a heart that captures ours because it has so deeply and lovingly been captured by His.

Without Jesus as the gatekeeper of our hearts, we can see why so many people feel like they have to constantly go on date after date, “try out” the opposite sex to see if they are “the one” for them, and keep “putting themselves out there” with so many different people, because they truly feel like they are going to miss the one they are supposed to be with if they don’t. It can end up causing so much hurt, letdowns, and defeat, all because we listened and did what more of what the world around us tells us to do in finding our mate, instead of being still and trusting that God will show us the one person He wants us to spend the rest of our life with.

The reality is, as a Christian, if you KNOW who you are in Jesus, you are walking a life that resembles His, and He has truly captured your heart, well, within seconds you can usually tell if someone is a person He wants you to get to know more or someone you need to politely, close the door on.

It’s not about just finding an individual who calls himself or herself a Christian, but finding that person who truly LIVES like one, and with a heart, captivated and captured by Jesus! Because if a man isn’t afraid to stand up for his faith in Christ, then he won’t be afraid to fight for you, like Jacob, lead you, like Abraham, care for you, like Boaz, and love you, like Jesus. And you? Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll then desire and pray to do just the same.

Ladies, are you worth his “wait”? I hear ladies every now and then say that they want godly husbands who understand them, is faithful, patient, loving, a protector, and a provider. But guess what? You won’t find that by jumping from one relationship to the other, or by constantly fantasizing about a relationship. When you constantly fantasize like that, you are already making a man your idol. Being single is about building a deep, tender, soulmate intimacy with Jesus Christ.

So don’t let anyone near your heart for even one second, if Jesus has not at all, captured their heart first. Jesus is your gatekeeper, and as you look to Him and let Him guide your relationships, then you can know, He will continue to lead you and guide you to that special someone who will cherish you.

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