Guys, we have to stop forcing ourselves to be cool. I mean, if you’re Kevin Hart or someone who is naturally cool and effortless, well, I am happy for you, you should keep it up, and we’ll try not to be jealous. But if you’re a person who’s actively striving to be cool? It would be best if you redirected that energy into something that feeds your soul better.
Here’s my case for Why You Should Be Weird: The creation (Gen. 1:27). The belief that people are created in the image of God. Our sinfulness prevents us from fully doing this, especially when we fear man more than we fear God. That misplaced honor tempts us to further abandon the “self” God created and instead create a contorted version more likely to earn man’s approval and favor. I’ve done that plenty of times, and it always ends up smelling like garbage and pinching like too-small pants.
I think our opportunity for image-bearing is best done when we shed our “coolness” and our propensity to change ourselves to suit the desires of others, and instead are our truest weird selves. Little kids do this naturally, and perhaps that purity is a reason why Jesus said the kingdom of heaven belongs to them (Luke 18:16).
We can learn so much about God from one another if we confess our contorting and be who He made! It’s not about lifting up our own “specialness” (as if we had anything to do with it)—it’s about paying attention to the origin of it, the God of the Universe. When you are YOU chasing wholeheartedly after HIM, people are going to see HIM through the angle only YOU, your story, and your voice can offer.

Blazer_ designed by @johnkross_couture
Shirt_ Calvin Klein
Bow Tie_ Brooks Brothers
Pants_ Banana Republic
Shoes handmade by @dayoshoes



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