Wow, so my dad has been making the family read Psalm 91 every day and night and not until recently did I start grasping the verses in it. Chapter 91 really is an amazing chapter and possibly one of my favorites. I mean, C’mon, read through this and really try to understand what’s going on here. Honestly wrap your head around each word and take in every sentence. 

Imagine you’re in the zombie apocalypse or something, you’re stuck in a building, and all these gross looking people are trying to come at you. You then run back and forth everywhere, but there seems to be no escape, the zombies already a couple of feet from you and you’re surrounded. All of a sudden, Superman breaks through the ceiling and rescues you, holding on to you as you both fly away from the evil below. That’s who God is, except God isn’t Superman, He is so much more than that. 

He carries us under His wings and shelters us from evil all the time. His angels are guiding us and protecting us constantly. Now imagine walking around within a huge protective bubble. Imagine how confident you’d walk about, knowing no harm will ever come your way, as you’re protected. That bubble is God! Trust in Him. Rest in Him. Dwell in Him. He is your Rock. He is your Refuge. He is your Strength. 

He lets no harm come to those who love Him. Crazy, right? Yeah, no doubt, hard times will come. Evil will try to sneak up on you at some point, but best believe that God is still there, protecting you. He promises to deliver us from evil and rescue us from trouble. Still having doubts? Fix your eyes on the cross. Remember what happened up there. That was love. A genuine, authentic, over-the-top one at that! If there’s anything you take out of this, let it be this: God loves you. He loves you too much to allow anything harm you unintentionally. Read that chapter again, and again, and again until it sinks into your heart. 

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