Learning that people weren’t responsible for the way I was allowing them to ’make’ me feel, was one of the hugest “aha” moments in my life. There were so many situations where people would say something to me that would run in my mind for days. I remember one girl I liked called me weird, and because no girl had ever said that before, I became literally obsessed with ways to prove to her I wasn’t, which only ended up with me actually then looking and doing weird things.  People just had so much power over how I felt, and it all stemmed from giving more power to them than to God in my life. But once Jesus started helping me to realize I was the one allowing this to keep happening, and that I actually could make the proper steps to end it, He began to help me change.

We are all broken people, and people will continue to say things that Satan ought to use to try to hurt us and ‘make us feel’ a certain way. But when we focus more on what God says and seek HIS Truth, it will help free us. And once I started discovering THAT, things began to change. Once I started looking to Jesus in those situations and letting HIS words tell me the truth, my wavering emotions began to change.

People haven’t changed around me all too much, but I have, and that, that changed everything. So if people have been running your emotions lately, If the words and actions by others ‘make’ you feel SO angry, or so sad, unloved, lonely, stupid, worthless, or even guilty, when you have no reason to be guilty, remember, it eventually falls on you. If what they said isn’t okay, you can pray that God works on their heart, but don’t blame them for you feeling the way you do because you’ve allowed their words to hurt you for far too long. It’s time to put the power back into your hands and start listening to the only One who matters. Because friend, when HE has your attention, and it’s HE who’s speaking in your ears, you’ll feel your heart, mind, and spirit radically change gears, and you’ll feel more power and more strength in HIM and who YOU are, than you have had in years!

You can’t control their words, but with God’s help, you CAN control how you receive them. 

Blazer_ Brooks Brothers
Shirt_ Michael Kors
Bow Tie_ Tommy Hilfiger 
Pants_ Banana Republic
Shoe_ Bruno Magli


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