You might think that America is a Christian nation because it has “one Nation under God” quoted in the pledge of allegiance, or because of the people you know that are attending one church or the other. Most of these people are not Christians, they are only religious. Daniel, the Biblical figure, found himself in Babylon, where the bulk of the people were idol worshippers under the Babylonian empire. Nebuchadnezzar and Belteshazzar were leaders who reigned mostly during the era of Daniel. Daniel became prominent because he stood for what he believed and made other people conform to that standard.
Daniel’s story was the story of a young man who based his life’s principles and convention on the Word of God. He was brought in, as a slave in a very harsh environment. So, when it was time to eat the evil meal of the king, he and his friends refused. He had purposed in his heart through determination and knowledge of the Word of God, that he, “Daniel was determined not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king” Daniel 1:8 (NLT). Daniel should serve as an inspiration to every believer in this day and age. To be like this Bible character, you have to have a strong conviction that God is on your side. You have to stand on a platform which is, “this is God’s commandment, and I’m not going to break it under any circumstance.”
The “one Nation under God” statement doesn’t make a nation God’s people. Many people you are going to meet in different places would not know about God. They won’t have Christian values. Some people can’t live holy lives, and they also would want you to compromise your faith. You are going to face the same thing that Daniel met. But, ask yourself this question- are you going to pass the test like Daniel did, or will you succumb to pressure? Daniel told the king that he wasn’t going to eat his meat and they should test him and his friends. At that time nobody knew that the pulse of food they were eating was more nutritious than the dirty meal of meat given to them by the king. The meats were already sacrificed to an idol, and that made it very polluted.
But here’s something you need to know – you don’t have to give up your faith. By compromising your faith, you realize that there is more at stake than mere food. Many Christians will backslide when it comes to food. Jesus was tempted with food, but He succeeded in overcoming the temptation by standing on the Word of God, and this is what we ought to do as followers of Christ. What will make you compromise your faith? The enticement of money, being famous, having nice cars, or having what we desire the most, will undoubtedly put our faith to test. James 1:14 says “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away.” (NLT).
The question is, are you going to succeed with God or compromise your faith? Will you let your cravings and desires drag you away from God? Will you still remain a Christian in a godless world? When you’re with churchgoers or unbelievers, will you be an example to them like Daniel? That very high standard of righteousness that will shame the unbelievers around you is what God expects from you and me. You won’t find many Daniels in our modern society. However, if you truly want God to use you, lead you, bless you, and promote you, the secret is not in compromising your faith. It is standing on the truth of God’s Word.
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