Welcome to 2018, everyone. Not everyone was able to make it to this year, so we ought to thank God for the grace He’s given to us. Some thought they’d make it here today, but for one reason or another, the sting of death took them away. You being alive this day shouldn’t give you the cause to be boastful of yourself. Instead, you should boast in the Lord, because He preserved you despite all. Need I remind us all that we are all sinners? But God’s grace, time and again, has kept us. It is my prayer that we do not run out of God’s grace this year. AMEN!
Though 2017 might have been a not-so-great year for some of us in every facet, the good news is, as long as we confess our wrongdoings, God is more than able to forgive us and offer us a chance for a fresh start. That’s what His grace does- offer us fresh starts. Whether you’ve just scaled through the greatest year of your life, or like me, are happy to see that 2017 is gone, God is still the same. This year 2018 should represent a time to leave the problems of 2017 behind and get a fresh start, a new perspective on everything.
I’m quite sure most of us have made resolutions for this new year, and have probably broken it too. The reason why some of these resolutions are broken early is that they are not Christ-centered. They have nothing to do with our relationship with God. These resolutions are made out of selfish ambitions, that’s why they barely last past the first day of January. I want to challenge everyone this year. Instead of making resolutions that you’ll someday break, I challenge you to just commit all of your ways to God this 2018. Everything you plan on doing, make it known to God, so that way you can be confident that God’s got your back.
The word ‘Commit,’ according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, means “to put in charge or trust.” The Bible says in Proverbs 16:3 that “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” (NLT) In other words, we should lay everything at the feet of the Lord in prayer, seek God’s opinion for every decision you plan on making, any journey you want to embark on. God’s ears won’t be deaf to our prayers if we seek Him earnestly. He will definitely give us a listening ear. We should also endeavor to listen for His still small voice.
Lay each of your plans at the feet of this year and watch you succeed in every area of life. You might have failed in a particular endeavor in 2017 because that was not the thing you should have attempted, or maybe because you didn’t seek God’s opinion before embarking on it. This year, I want you to try again, but this time with God.
Here’s to a blissful 2018 to us all!🍸🍸🍸

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