It is fair enough to say that I got an early Christmas present this year as my favorite preacher, Tim Dilena, came to church to minister this past Sunday. I found it funny because just this past week, I was just saying to myself that it’s been a while since he’s come to church to minister. I’ve listened to so many preachers preach the word and no one comes close to Pastor Tim in the way he explains his messages. His sermons, inspired by God, are able to change the hardened of hearts. Never have I seen a preacher use humor to connect with his audience as Pastor Tim does. Look up his sermons on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll attach my favorite sermon of his (JONAH HAS TOO MANY CHAPTERS) at the end of this post. I blogged about this sermon some weeks back, but it’s worth listening to.
When God wants to speak to you, He uses different means to do so. In my case, He used Tim Dilena to minister to me. Two weeks ago, an elder at church ministered on tithing, but I didn’t feel the sermon was meant for me. Pastor Tim then came last week and ministered on that same subject…again! I believe God said to Himself “Joseph if you didn’t think that last sermon was meant for you, maybe if I send you your favorite preacher, you’ll then believe it is for you.” As he spoke on this topic, I began to think about my level of tithing or the lack of it. (I’ll post a link to Pastor Tim’s sermon on tithing at the end of this post)
For some of us, we think we are entitled to everything we own, but we need to stop and ask ourselves who gives us the ability to do the job we own? The gift of even sleeping and waking to go to that job every day, would it have been possible without God? “Tithing is a thank-you note to God that He is my provider.” (Tim Dilena) By tithing, you are basically acknowledging the things God has blessed you with. Many who once enjoyed abundance in their finances are now in a period of lack because they continually fail to give God what He is due. You’re not helping God when you tithe, you’re just helping yourself. You’re securing your future. Also, don’t think you can use your tithe to bribe God! The only way to heaven is still through knowing Jesus Christ. (John 14:6) Tithing doesn’t atone for your sins. When you give to God, two houses get blessed: God’s house (the church) and your house.
When it comes to tithing, it doesn’t matter how much the 10% rounds up to. Your tithe can be $1, but as long as you’re faithful with that little, you’re worthy in God’s eyes.  When I was still a baby Christian, I used to think that tithing $5 was an insult to God. I usually thought He’d punish me for giving Him such a small amount. That is a trick the devil uses to deceive us into not giving God what He is due. If you are faithful when you have little, you can be trusted with much. (Luke 16:10) You don’t have to wait until you hit the jackpot before you tithe. If your salary is $10, be sure to tithe $1. You can be rest assured that God sees your faithfulness.
“Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine.” Proverbs 3:9 (NLT) When you give to God, you should have faith that He is more than able to bless you back in return. Faith and doubt do not work hand-in-hand. If after giving to God you start doubting if He would come through for you, you’re not doing faith justice. Giving away 10% of your earnings to God might seem like an awful lot, but when you think of all God has done for you, you’ll realize that God deserves more than that.
The practice of tithing serves as a reminder of your need for God. When you have plenty, tithing helps you to look back on all God has done for you, and reminds you that you wouldn’t have anything if not for God. When you have little, it also serves to inspire you to remember God’s faithfulness and enables you to trust that He is more than able to provide for all of your needs according to His riches in glory. (Philippians 4:19) When you keep God’s tithe to yourself, it means you are placing your trust in money. “Money can buy you a bed, but it can’t buy you sleep. Money can begin to buy a house, but it can’t make a home. Money can buy medicine, but it can’t give you health. It can buy you amusement, but it can’t give you joy. It can buy a crucifix, but it won’t give you a Savior. It can buy you a church, but it won’t get you to heaven.” (Tim Dilena) If God sacrificed His best by sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die for you, sacrificing your 10% for Him shouldn’t be a problem. Do you trust God enough with your tithe?
“When people are forging on tithing, they’re also cheating on some other areas of their life.” (Tim Dilena)
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