Imagine having a friend that only checks up on you when they’re in dire need of your help or need something from you, wouldn’t it be best to just cut them off entirely? This is how some of us treat God. We only go to Him whenever we are in trouble or are in need of something. Imagine if He cut us off for just calling on Him only when we need Him, how would we feel? I’m thankful that God doesn’t think the way we humans think.
Prayer is a means of communication to God and as believers, we ought to talk to God daily. If we have no trouble conversing with people, talking to God through prayer shouldn’t be difficult. When talking to close friends, we usually ask about their day, their health, things you have in common, etc., and this is the way God wants us to talk to Him. Our prayers don’t necessarily have to be impressive or smooth-spoken, it should just be coming from a sincere heart. When praying, you shouldn’t care if you have the right words or not, because God knows what’s in your heart, even before you speak. The more you talk to a person, the more the relationship with that person grows. So it is with God, the more you talk to Him, the more you know Him. Prayer is a personal thing, not a show for all to see. Prayer is still one of the potent weapons available to believers to live a life of peace and joy in this troubled world.
Living a comfortable life and having everything together shouldn’t stop you from seeking God’s face. One trick the devil uses to draw people away from God is giving them temporary riches. Some people during their desperate seasons, all they had was God. Praying and fasting was the only thing they could do, and immediately God answered their prayers, they turned their backs on Him. God suddenly becomes a stranger to them. They forget that the answered prayer is just a test of faith to see if serving God would still be a priority for them. When everything comes crashing down, that’s when they come running back to God. Are we serving God out of our love for Him or out of our desperation? Again, thank God that He’s a merciful God.
A pastor friend of mine once said to me during my teenage years, “pray so that you won’t become prey to the devil.” Those words didn’t mean much to me then, but they resonate more now. In these end times, the devil is coming up with more ways of turning people away from God. No one is immune from the tricks of the devil. In fact, the Bible in 1 Corinthians 10:12 warns those that think that they are standing firm that they should be careful, lest they will fall. I mean, there’ve been stories of some influential preachers who have fallen prey to the devil. Prayer is the only thing that can keep us standing firm. Even the Bible in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 admonishes us to keep praying, always. We need God now than ever before. I encourage us to keep seeking God’s face in prayer every time, not just when we’re desperate.
**If there are men who send prayers to heaven, there is a God to send blessings down to earth!**
Blazer_ Harris Tweed
Shirt_ Brooks Brothers
Pants_ Banana Republic
Shoe_ Johnston & Murphy
*** The Bowtie worn is a Bvlgari necktie that I converted to a bow.


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