This past week, I was opportune to listen to Tasha Cobbs‘ new album, and one song stood out to me, and probably most Christians, too. The song, in particular, is titled “I’M GETTING READY.” In this piece, she featured Nicki Minaj. Be sure to check out the song on YouTube if you haven’t. This song, to my understanding, has brought different responses from the Church.
Now, I’m not Tasha‘s biggest fan, but I feel some of us Christians need to cut her some slack! She collaborated with someone of a different faith, so what? As long as you don’t have a law degree, you have no reason to judge anyone. Okay, that was just Joseph being himself, but if your name isn’t GOD, judging shouldn’t be part of your attributes. We should realize that it is the grace of God that is still keeping us alive. Because we are now firm believers, doesn’t give us the liberty to freely judge others. At some point, we were sinners, too!
Jesus Christ said in John 13:35, that by the way we love, people would know that we belong to Him. If He had said “by the way we judge,” then we wouldn’t be having this discussion here. I know we ought to be separate from among “them” as the Bible puts it, but I feel until one has gotten to the stage where they are perfect, we should try to be mindful of what we say. One thing I’ve found among Christians is that we grade sin… a lot! We think a small lie is different from murder when in God‘s eye, they’re all the same. So, unless you can tell me that you don’t sin anymore, you’re in no place to pass judgment!
Tasha Cobbs wouldn’t be the first gospel artist to feature a secular artist. Three years ago, Michelle Williams featured both Beyoncè and Kelly Roland in her song “Say Yes,” and if I remember quite clearly, some PHARISEES had issues with the song, too, but guess what, this song is still being sung in some Churches today. Chance the Rapper, at the Grammys earlier this year, rapped to “How Great Is Our God,” and some were quick to bash him, saying “He is a secular rapper, he shouldn’t be rapping to a gospel song.” At the same time, we have some church choir and band members who are VIP members at club events, but we are usually very quick to praise them every Sunday for treating us to a beautiful worship. “OMG, sister heaven bound, the way you sang today, it felt like I was in Heaven worshipping with the host of angels.” “OMG, brother god sent, the way you played the keyboard today, it was as if your fingers were divinely anointed” Common sense fall on you! Anyhoo, Snoop Dogg is currently working on his gospel album, and I cannot wait to hear what some PHARISEES have to say when the album comes out.
Okay, on a serious note, guys, God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise. He might be using Tasha Cobbs’ new song to reach Nicki‘s fan base. Have you thought about that? I hope so. I mean, Jesus commanded us in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” (NLT), but since we are not doing our duty, God is probably using this song to draw unbelievers closer to Him. Don’t be like The PHARISEES, who are hypocrites, be like Joseph, who stays behind his computer screen and keeps his opinion to himself!
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This week, I got to feature one of my wonderful friends and bow tie associate, Wesley. I’ll admit that I started wearing bow ties because of him. 😝 There isn’t a day you will see Wes without a bow tie. After Jesus Christ, bow ties are his second love! He probably sleeps with his bow ties on at night 😆

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