Kanye West said in one of his songs that “Diamonds are forever, they won’t leave in the night…” That statement has to be one of the greatest lies ever told. Kanye, if you ever get to read this post, you owe me an apology 🙁  Have you ever been betrayed by a friend who you thought you both would spend the rest of your lives together? No? Okay, I must be a different breed, then.  If you’ve never been betrayed by a friend before, then I guess this week’s blog isn’t for you. You can just check out my outfit and tune back in next week for another blog post 😆
They say good things eventually come to an end, but never would I have imagined a friendship of over a decade ending. It felt like our friendship was written in the stars. I once read a quote that said that “If a friendship lasts longer than seven years, psychologists say it will last a life time.” My then best friend mustn’t have seen that quote before because she defied that saying.
Friendships where you’re open with each other, totally ready to break barriers for each other, are so difficult to find in this day and age, but we stuck by each other for a long time. Like every friendship, there were times when we disagreed on things and times when we spent months not speaking, but each time we picked up the phone, it was as if we never left each other. Little did I know that she was noting all the times that I supposedly offended her.
Okay, Joseph isn’t a saint. I’ll admit that I’m not the easiest to please at times and putting up with me could be a hassle, but I still felt as besties, we should have been able to put up with our differences. During the last few months of our friendship, I noticed some subtle changes in her character. I asked if any thing was wrong to which she responded that everything was fine. From spending almost the entire night on the phone with my friend on a daily basis to barely hearing from her on a weekly basis, I knew the friendship was over. I did everything to get our friendship back, but there was no way back.  It was not easy dealing with this breakup. It made it difficult for me to get close to anyone. Whenever I notice that I’m getting close to anyone, I back away because I don’t want a repeat of what my best friend did to me.
On a brighter note, there’s One Person Who’s Love and friendship has no expiry date- Jesus Christ!
Man’s love fails, gives up, but God’s love does not. Man’s love is finite, comes to an end, but God’s love is infinite and eternal. Man’s love is dependent on favorable behavior and circumstances; God’s love is not. People place conditions on their love, but God’s love is unconditional.
According to God’s Word, He loved us before the world was formed, before we loved Him or believed in Him, or had ever done anything either good or evil. God does not require us to earn His love, and we must not expect others to earn ours. I fail Him on a daily basis, but yet He hasn’t left my side. Unlike Kanye West’s diamonds, God’s love lasts forever. Guys, God is that friend that sticks closer than a brother, and I can gladly attest to that!
P.S. Would love to hear from you all. Ever been heartbroken by a friend, please share in the comment section below 👇
Blazer_ Michael Kors
Shirt_ Brooks Brothers
Pants_ H&M
Shoe_ Calvin Klein
*** The Bowtie worn is a Michael Kors necktie that I converted to a bow.

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